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Women's Only Level One Sea Kayaking Course (Two Day)


Women's Only Level One Sea Kayaking Course

Join us for a special Women's Only Level One Sea Kayaking Course, designed to offer an empowering and supportive environment for women to learn and advance their paddling skills. This exclusive weekend course combines in-class and on-water teaching environments to equip you with the theory and fundamental skills necessary to become a confident sea kayaker.

Our course emphasizes building a solid foundation of technical paddling skills, rescues, navigation, and safety techniques. You'll also learn beyond basic techniques with a thorough understanding of journeying and seamanship. A portion of the course will focus on essential topics such as navigation, weather, sea state, safety, communication, and group awareness.

Connect with like-minded women, gain valuable skills, and enjoy a weekend on the water!

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive paddling instruction in a supportive, women-only environment
  • In-depth training in technical paddling skills, rescues, and safety techniques
  • Supportive community with a woman instructor

Either a basic kayak certification from our Paddle Canada Flat-water Intro to Sea Kayaking Course
or equivalent skill and knowledge at the discretion of the course director.

If you have any questions about the prerequisites, please do not hesitate to call (613) 376-6220 or email us at

Length: 2 Days with approx. 8 Hours each Day

Location: Frontenac Outfitters Canoe & Kayak Centre

Required: A touring kayak. If you need one of your own, we may have rentals available.

Note: If you require a kayak for the Level One Sea Kayaking Course, you must make a rental reservation at the time of course booking. You will only be charged 50% of the total rental cost for both days, $65+tax. Please call us to arrange the kayak rental after booking the course.

Level One Sea Kayaking Course Itinerary:


  • Assisted Eskimo Rescue
  • Deep Water Rescue (both as victim and rescuer)
  • Self Rescues without assistance
  • Contact Towing
  • Communication (demonstrating by attitude and action)


  • Sea Kayak equipment, accessories and personal gear
  • Journey and seamanship
    • Trip Planning and Organization
    • Launch and Landing Options
    • Navigation and Route Selection
    • Compass Reading
    • Weather and Water Interpretations
    • Group Awareness and Communication
    • Kayak Fit and Adjustment
  • Safety
    • Hypothermia
    • First Aid
    • Communication
    • Emergency Procedures
  • Available Kayaking Resources


  • Lift, Carry, Launch, and Landing
  • Paddling forward, reverse, and stopping
  • Turning
  • Moving sideways
  • Supporting and recovering strokes
  • Stern rudder
  • Paddling Strokes and Techniques
    • Draws
    • Low and High Brace
    • Forward Stroke and Forward Sweep
    • Reverse Stroke and Reverse Sweep
    • Sculling Draw

Candidate Evaluations

  • Participation (individual and group)
  • Kayaking skills
  • Group awareness and self-control
  • General attitude

Note: Successful participants receive a Paddle Canada Level One Sea Kayaking Course Certification Card

What's Provided:

  • Kayak PFD
  • Kayak paddle
  • Paddle Float
  • Pump
  • Whistle
  • Throw Bag

Note: If you are using your pre-approved performance touring kayak, remember to bring along the necessary gear, as indicated above!

Cancellation Policy

Courses are non-refundable; however, a credit is kept on file in the instance of cancellation, provided the cancellation has occurred a minimum of 30 days before any course date. This credit can be used towards a future course or purchase but must be used up within the same calendar year.

Frontenac Outfitters reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses due to extreme weather or lack of participation.

Suggested Stuff to Bring

  • Wide-brimmed sun hat
  • Sunglasses and eyeglass floats
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (waterproof)
  • Towel
  • Proper water clothing - Bathing suit, T-shirt and a short, light long-sleeve shirt, etc. whatever you feel most comfortable wearing
  • Raincoat, paddling jacket, and sweater (if needed)
  • Water shoes or sandals (not required)
  • Kayaking Trip Log (if you have one)
  • Pen, pencil and notebook
  • Any reference material you may wish to share with the group
  • Water
  • Lunch

Places to Stay

  • We offer on-site wooded and waterfront campsites at an additional cost.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (613) 376-6220 or email us at

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