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Wilderness Systems - Pamlico 145T


Length (Standard)

14.6 ft


31 in


73 lb


16 in

Cockpit Opening

90 in

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)
Optimal Paddler Weight (High)
Max Capacity

550 lb

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak is the larger of the two boat Recreational Tandem Kayak Series which also includes the shorter Pamlico 135T. At a glance the two craft look very similar but some differences do exist. Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T is a full 1- foot longer and is two inches deeper, which increases capacity to carry larger paddlers and gear, while enhancing its ability to paddle straight.

Designed for short sheltered water paddles, you'll love it for exploring ponds and flatwater lakes, slow-moving rivers and gentle waves in open bays. The kayaks flat hull shape provides rock solid initial stability. And great stability makes it perfect for fishing, photography and family paddling. When the front seat is in solo position the rear seat can be used to stow gear or your small 4-legged buddy!

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T's large roomy cockpit offers comfort and a boat that's easy to get in and out, even for large kayakers. A stern Orbix hatch covers hinged design and locking lever; to open hatch, simply slide lever to unlock cover and flip open to access gear. A Stern bulkhead helps provide dry storage for gear, while adding positive buoyancy to the craft. Slide-rail system is comfortable, rugged and easy to adjust; foot pedals adjust with an easily accessible extension rod.

The Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak also efficiently converts to an open solo boat by easily sliding the bow seat backward and then locking it into place. Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T KayakWilderness Systems amazing Phase 3 AirPro Tandem seating system features a dynamic structural design with ergonomic elements to maximize adjustability and versatility. The seat-backs adjust up/ down and forwards and back. Seat-pans adjust up or down to relieve leg stress and the entire seat system consists of a wicking material that naturally drains moisture away from the paddler(s).

Note: Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak can handle up to two average sized adults, though we still found the close proximity of two adult paddlers infringed upon the ability to perform an efficient paddle stroke over a sustained period.

Standard Features

Material: Economical, Robust Gen2 Polyethylene.

Hatches: Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Kayak has a stern bulkhead and 8.5″ / 22 cm Orbix Easy Lock Hatch for dry gear storage and added positive buoyancy.

Outfitting: Phase 3 AirPro Tandem Seating System (considered the industries finest by many) includes: adjustable backband, adjustable thighbraces and a moisture wicking seat pan that adjusts up or down. Other Features Include: