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Wilderness Systems - ATAK 120

$1,899.00 $2,249.00

Length (Standard)

12.3 ft


35 in


86 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)
Optimal Paddler Weight (High)
Max Capacity

400 lb

Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 Kayak

2023 Demo for sale - EXCELLENT - Like new Condition $1,899.00

2024 Special Order Only | Please Call for Details

The Award-Winning ATAK 140 is now available in the shorter ATAK 120 model. With the same core features, the ATAK 120 is more compact for easier manageability on and off the water!

The Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 Kayak or “Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak” is the cream of the crop when it comes to angling kayaks. It is designed for serious anglers who want to catch a lot of fish and has been engineered from bow to stern to optimize your fishing experience.

By partnering with Torqeedo, the pioneers of electric-based watercraft motors, Wilderness Systems now gives anglers an elite choice when it comes to kayak fishing. The Helix Motor Drive is lightweight, compact, and includes the high performance, waterproof lithium battery. The innovative motor drive is truly reinventing the world of kayak propulsion technology!

To learn more about the Helix Motor Drive, Click Here!

The ATAK 120 kayak is the shorter boat in the series that also includes the longer ATAK 140 making it a better option for small- to medium-sized paddlers weighing between 100 lbs – 200 lbs. Additional rocker has been added to the bow to improve handling when paddling into waves, and a second transducer scupper hole is included for even further electronic capabilities. In addition to its many accessories and features, the ATAK 120 offers maximum stability giving you confidence in all conditions, while the flat, padded deck makes it easy to stand up in for casting and fly fishing.

The ATAK 120 kayak also includes the newly designed Phase 3 AirPro Max seating system for improved comfort and adjustability, and it has multiple mounting points for add-on accessories to help improve your catch out on the water. The ATAK 120 can carry a ton of gear despite its small size and has a max capacity of 350 lbs! A rectangular stern hatch makes it easy to place a milk crate for storage or Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate that includes four rod holders and storage area with dividers. The large bow hatch provides dry storage for equipment, and a removable front console and centre hatch offers even more internal storage for whatever you need.

Built like a battle tank, the ATAK’s Gen2 polyethylene construction makes this kayak exceptionally durable. It hull is shatterproof and offers incredible impact resistance and overall toughness. While this approach adds to the weight of the kayak, this is easily negated by adding a Kayak Cart to your arsenal.

Note: While Wilderness Systems states the ATAK 120 is suitable for paddling in surf, due to the sit-on-top (S.O.T.) nature of the kayak, we recommend staying in flat-water, sheltered bays of larger lakes, or calmer waters. Recreational, S.O.T. kayaks do not incorporate as many safety features as day-touring models or sea kayaks, nor are they very efficient in waves and wind.

Standard Features

  • Phase 3 AirPro Max Seat – Considered the industry’s finest by many, this patent-pending seat has a full forward/aft trim range and a three phase High, Low, and Recline positioning – achievable without any clipping or loosening of straps.
  • Enclosed bow storage with integrated paddle park – Quickly stow your paddle and use both hands for reeling in your catch
  • FlexPod OS Removable Console – this electronics console can be easily removed from the kayak to protect your devices
  • Open Deck Walk Space w/ Traction Pads
  • Rectangular Stern Tankwell
  • 5" Circular Stern Hatch
  • Bow & Stern Metal Grab Handles
  • Molded-In Side Handles
  • Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
  • Keepers XL Foot Brace System
  • Open Rear Tankwell w/ Bungee
  • Generous accessory rails – for placing rod holders and other devices