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Watershed - Futa Stowfloat


Watershed Futa Stowfloat/Drybag

A float bag that doubles as a dry bag, the Watershed Futa Stowfloat™ features expedition grade hardware, an airtight closure and a tapered design to fit most kayaks. Float bags aid kayakers in a swim and the Futa gives paddlers the added benefit of a place to store dry gear.

  • Airtight ZipDry® closure seals out water and guarantees to keep your gear dry.
  • Compression straps offer custom sizing.
  • Long inflate/deflate tube for easy buoyancy control.
  • Quality construction features RF welded seams, expedition-grade hardware and mil-spec stitching reinforcements to handle the most rugged adventures.
  • Inflated size: 27"H x 18" W x 7.5" D (tapers to 18" x 7.5"), 1152 cu. in., 19 liters.
  • Measure the inside compartment of your boat to determine the correct size of float bag. (We recommend ordering a bag that is slightly larger in dimensions to fill the space completely.)
  • Named after the Futaleufu, a popular river in Chile.

To ensure longevity in the performance of your ZipDry Seal, Watershed recommends periodic lubrication with a non-petroleum based product such as 303 UV Protectant, Armor-All or Burt's Bees hand salve.