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Scott - Prospector 15 - Kevlar


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Scott Canoe Prospector 15 Kevlar Canoe


The Prospector 15 from Scott Canoe was reintroduced to the paddling community by Abitibi & Co. in 2015, and we are proud to welcome it back to our shop! The popular design was retained, while it features a more robust build.

Scott's Prospector 15 features a versatile, symmetrical hull with a semi-rounded bottom and a small shoe keel. The traditional shape improves maneuverability with the moderate rocker providing lift over waves, while the shoe keel aids in stability.

However, due to the shorter length and wider beam, the Prospector 15 is the least efficient boat in the family that also includes the Prospector 16 and Prospector 17.

The Prospector 15 can be paddled solo or tandem and is suitable for both novices and intermediates alike. Accordingly, experienced paddlers will appreciate the versatility but traditionalist may frown at the inclusion of the shoe keel; beginners will find confidence in the stability and the boat's responsiveness but might get 'a tad frustrated' when it comes to keeping the boat tracking straight until their skills improve.

The shorter shorter stature of the Prospector 15 means gear capacity is somewhat limited for extended trips, and its lower degree of efficiency equates to more work when covering long distances.

That said, the Prospector 15 is ideal for recreational paddling, day trips and short over-nighters and performs well on both lakes and rivers.

"Scott Canoes Prospector 15 may be the perfect new addition for summer outings at your cottage. It's a user-friendly boat that has been built with toughness in mind!"


Standard Kevlar

To cut the weight while maintaining impact resistance, Scott's Kevlar layup utilizes the economical vacuum bagging construction method and combines it with an advanced fabric to improve the strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Standard Kevlar - 53 lbs / 24 kg - $2399.00

Standard Features

  • Black Vinyl Gunwales
  • Webbed, Ash Seats
  • Ash Deep Dish Portage Yoke
  • Kevlar Skid Plates Bow & Stern
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Solid Gel-Coat Finish
  • Reflective Black Lettering & Reflective Maple Leaf on Each Side of The Bow
  • Proudly made in Canada