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Pelican - Inflatable Loungeboard (SUP)


Pelican Loungeboard

Discover the perfect balance of performance and relaxation with the Pelican LoungeBoard!

The Pelican LOUNGEBOARD allows you to paddle, lounge or workout on an incomparably stable and comfortable board. The unique geometry of this wide paddle board, along it's high-performance drop-stitch construction, provides stability, durability, and performance when paddling. This inflatable paddle board comes equipped with a multitude of accessories, such as the Island Connect, used to attach multiple paddle boards together to create a massive dock.

Unique Geometry

The Loungeboard features a wide paddle board profile compared to traditional paddle boards. The increased width provides exceptional stability, making it easier for users to maintain their balance. 

High Capacity

It provides a high capacity of 400lbs, that comfortably accommodates two adults. Its spacious design and robust construction allow for a reliable and enjoyable experience on the water. Whether you're paddling together, lounging side by side, or engaging in water based activities, the Loungeboard provides ample room for two individuals to comfortably share the board. 

Island Connect Accessory (Included)

the Island Connect is designed to facilitate and secure the connection of multiple paddle boards together. This feature allows for the creation of a floating island, providing an extended space for gathering, socializing, and enjoying carious activities on the water. 

Dropstitch Construction

This inflatable paddle board features dropstitch construction that involves thousands of tiny threads connecting the top and bottom layers of the paddle board, allowing it to maintain its shape and rigidity when inflated.

Accessories Included

the package includes a paddle, a manual double action pump, an ankle leash, a transport strap, two Island Connect straps, a 20L dry bag/pillow, a bungee, a deep tracking fin, a shallow water fin, a transport bag and a repair kit.