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Pelican - Argo 100XR


Length (Standard)

10 ft


29 in


40.7 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)

100 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (High)

200 lb

Max Capacity

300 lb

Pelican Argo 100XR

All about comfort. A perfect, lightweight kayak for any level of paddler, beginner or advanced, who wants ultimate comfort when on the water

The Argo 100XR recreational kayak is ideal for paddlers who want a stable and relaxing kayaking experience on calm, slow-moving waters. This kayak comes with a quick-lock rear box including a storage bag and a storage platform so that you can have all the gear you need close at hand. This sit-in kayak also includes adjustable footrests, premium knee pads and 2 bottle holders. With ergonomic carrying handles and weighing only 43 lb, you'll be able to easily carry this sit-in kayak wherever you decide to go. A premium framed seat with breathable materials that offers excellent support for long or short journeys. Feel ultra stable with a trademark hull design that increases contact surface on the water to keep you safe and confident. Adjustable footrests keep your feet supported and knees comfortably bent, and knee pads help prevent abrasions. Ensure that you're fully equipped for any journey, short or long, with a waterproof hatch located at the back, a bungee tie-down at the front, and a convenient cockpit bottle holder on the inside. 

Comfortable: The Ergocast seating system offers superior support and comfort, with footrests and knee pads that keep you in a comfortable position throughout your expedition.

Convenient: Safeguard your belongings with the waterproof hatch storage, while convenient bungee tie-downs and bottle holders keep your essentials within easy reach.

Lightweight: Easy to navigate and easy to transport thanks to Pelican's trademark lightweight design and materials.

Durable: With Pelican's Ram-X™ highly durable material, this kayak is built to withstand various conditions and ensure your safety.