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H2O - Pack 10/8 - Brute Force Kevlar

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H2O Canoes are hand-made, custom order canoes. Because of this, it's very difficult to display all the options and keep them all in stock. Want to see how they paddle first? Come out for a test paddle or rent one for the weekend. Give us a call today if you're interested in custom ordering a canoe!

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We sometimes have some available for same day purchase. If you don't see the canoe you want listed here, give us a call and we may have something available.

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 H2O - Pack 10/8 - Brute Force Kevlar


Like a Kayak-Canoe hybrid, our Adirondack Pack Canoes are lightweight, fast boats for solo paddlers. Equipped with a seat on the bottom of the canoe and used with a double-blade paddle, Pack Canoes offer unmatched speed and stability while out paddling on the water.

All Pack Canoes come in our Brute Force or Pro Lite series, with choices between Innegra Basalt, Kevlar, Carbon Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and Carbon Innegra. Red, Green, or Blue colour finish is available as an optional add-on for Kevlar and Carbon Kevlar.

The Pack 10-8 canoe is very nimble and quick. The Pack 10-8 is best suited to a kayak paddle for balance and correction. Very light weight it is a true over the shoulder vessel when out of the water or a detachable yoke is available. The Pack 10-8 really suits a day tripper with little gear as it excels at being minimalistic and compact; try a Pack 12 or Pack 13-2 for more gear storage.


Length 10'8"

Max Width 27" 

Max Gunwale Width 26" 

Height - Bow / Centre / Stern 13" / 10.5" / 11.5" 

Waterline Width 25" 

Bow Rocker 1" 

Stern Rocker .5" 

Optimum Load 100 - 220lb 

Max Load 325lb

 Used demo has red skid plates installed.