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H2O - Canadian 16'6" - GWN Innegra/Basalt

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H2O Canoes are hand-made, custom order canoes. Because of this, it's very difficult to display all the options and keep them all in stock. Want to see how they paddle first? Come out for a test paddle or rent one for the weekend. Give us a call today if you're interested in custom ordering a canoe!

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H2O Canoe Company Canadian 16/6 Canoe Review

The H2O Canoe Company Canadian 16'6" Canoe is a close replica of an early settler canoe.

The essence and versatility of a traditional canoe is captured with a symmetrical style hull and re-curved ends made famous by First Nations Peoples.

To reduce wind resistance and maximize efficiency, a slightly longer length and narrower beam are carefully combined with sharp entry and exit lines and a lower sheer. The Canadian has a shallow arch hull design and shoe keel to provide a rare blend of performance and stability sought by many canoe builders – but seldom achieved.

The handy shoe keel (half keel) design aids tracking, protects against grounding, while sacrificing little in the way of maneuverability.  The H20 Canadian 16/6 is a stable, well-mannered and predictable craft, which successfully blends efficiency and a user-friendly nature, while retaining a distinctly traditional Canadian Heritage Canoe style appearance.

Unlike it's shorter siblings the Pathfinder 16 and Bob Special 15, the Canadian 16/6 is a fast, straight paddling canoe making it a perfect choice for tripping and recreational paddling alike!

"Fast and efficient, while still retaining a high degree of initial stability. Before purchasing any flat-water canoe, we suggest you checkout the H2O Canoe Company Canadian 16/6 Canoe… After one test paddle, our team gives it 2 thumbs up!"


Great White North

H2O’s Great White North layups are built for the everyday paddler being both rugged and dependable for tripping or recreational paddling.

  • Innegra Tuff - 56 lbs / 24.9 kg - Starting at $3795
  • Kevlar - 51 lbs / 23.1 kg - Starting at $3995.00