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Wilderness Systems - Flex-Arm LED Light

$129.95 $191.99

Wilderness Systems Flex-Arm LED Light

The Flex-Arm LED Light redefines what a light can do in a kayak. Featuring a 2-foot flexible yet stable plastic arm, the LED light can be precisely aimed anywhere towards the deck as work station lighting, or bent into the water as a fish attractant. The blinding 1000 lumens light is exceptionally bright with adjustable beams of green and white filters, and is easily powered by battery or USB. The light also features dim and strobe options. Anodized aluminum casing protects from the elements, and a quick-connect attachment system on both the top and bottom of the flex-arm allows for easy installation into SlideTraxTM.


  • 2-foot flexible plastic arm
  • Quick connects at both ends
  • 1000 lumens with adjustable beams
  • Green and white filters
  • Powered by battery or directly by USB
  • Anodized aluminum casing for tough protection
  • Flex-Arm Installs into SlideTrax