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Delta - 14 Rudder


Length (Standard)

14 ft


23.5 in


45 lb


13 in

Cockpit Length

32 in

Cockpit Width

17 in

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)

120 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (High)

190 lb

Max Capacity

340 lb

Day Hatch

1.8 gal

Bow Hatch

19 gal

Stern Hatch

34 gal

Delta Kayaks 14 with Rudder

Delta Kayaks 14 is the smaller sibling to the larger Delta 15.5GT in Delta Kayaks Touring Series. It was designed to bridge the gap between Delta's small rudderless 12s and 12.10 light-touring kayaks and their longer, narrower performance touring kayaks.

Its relatively short length, lightweight, and ease of turning suggest the Delta 14 kayak is perfect for both day outings and longer adventurers – but its exceptional tracking and surprising hull speed is similar to what one expects in some longer sea kayaks.

It's a quick, lightweight, super stable paddling machine that still provides storage space comparable to most 17 ft. sea kayaks. A moderate Vee hull and long waterline length ensure super stable performance and predictability even in rough water conditions, while the defined sides provide solid secondary stability when edging.

"Delta Kayaks 14 successfully combines the very best of their shorter touring and longer performance kayaks to satisfy a wide range of paddler skills and weights with an impressive blend of performance and stability in a versatile, compact package."

Standard Features

Delta 14 KayakHatches: The Delta 14 kayak has 3 innovative Press-Lock Thermoform Hatch Covers that easily press down to create an extremely watertight seal.The two large bow & stern hatches offer immense storage dry storage – often as much as some seventeen foot sea kayaks – while the new centre day pod provides convenient storage of small goods (GPS, Camera, Snacks) that are needed while on the water.

Bow: oval 16.5″ x 11” / 42 x 28 cm
Stern: oval 20.5”x 14.25” / 44 x 26 cm
Day: round 8” / 20 cm and 3 thermoform curved bulkheads to maximize storage, strength and add positive buoyancy. Delta 14 Kayak

Outfitting: Cockpit includes Delta’s new Contour Seat System that adjusts forward & aft 4- inches to optimize performance and paddler fit’ with the padded thighbraces. The seat pan is padded and is self draining, while a padded backrest adjusts up and down instantly. Other Features Include:

  • SeaDog Gas Pedal Style rudder System (vastly superior to sliding systems) is standard on all Frontenac Outfitters Delta 14's. Without Rudder versions ONLY by special order
  • Comprehensive bungee deck rigging
  • Reflective perimeter safety lines
  • Tamper-Proof locking / towing point
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Proudly 100% Canadian made (Maple Ridge B.C.) using computer-assisted designs and a superior patented acrylic Solar*Kote Thermoform capstock which is virtually indestructible and UV protected
  • Delta Kayaks 14 has a 3- Year Limited Warranty to the original owner
Additional Notes
  • Delta Kayaks is the industry’s leader in thermoform manufacturing
  • To improve your edging and carve more effortless turns, ask us to custom install Delta’s Hip Pad Fit Kit ($69.95 with FREE installation)
  • All Delta Kayaks come with a 3- Year Limited Warranty against defective materials or workmanship to the original owner