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Delta - 12s


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Length (Standard)

12 ft


24 in


38 lb


12 in

Cockpit Length

31.5 in

Cockpit Width

16.5 in

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)

100 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (High)

160 lb

Max Capacity

220 lb

Day Hatch

1.8 gal

Bow Hatch

12.5 gal

Stern Hatch

26 gal

Delta Kayaks 12s


The Delta 12s kayak is the perfect companion kayak to the Delta 12.10 with its smaller cockpit and lower deck height. The fit range for the Delta 12s caters towards lighter paddlers that may be ‘a little small’ for the 12.10. As such, this kayak is designed for small to medium-sized paddlers in the 99 to 160 paddler weight range who are looking for a light touring kayak they can grow with.

But don’t let its small stature deceive you! The finely tuned hull design of the Delta 12s kayak is optimized to provide not only great stability but speed and responsiveness far beyond what its size would suggest. Uniquely combining multi-chined sides, moderate rocker, and a flared, full-bodied bow allows this little touring kayak to confidently handle even big water situations.

In order to provide complete control and superior support, the Delta 12s kayak comes standard with perfectly positioned thigh braces – well above the knees – built right into the cockpit for more enhanced edging. Delta also includes their new Contoured Seat System, which can be adjusted forward and aft to offer that ‘one with boat’ fit needed for refined comfort and control. The contour seat system know includes extra padding for even more comfort out on the water! Similar to the 12.10, the Delta 12s kayak can be described as ‘the little boat that could’ with its rare combination of performance and extensive dry storage.

Not only can it handle water both big and small, but it also has the ability to do day trips or longer excursions. Innovative easy to use 'Press Lock Hatches' are placed bow and stern and a conveniently located 'Day Pod' is found right in front of the cockpit – this small boat has a big appetite for gear!

The Delta 12s kayak also includes safety features normally only found on longer, more expensive sea kayaks. For instance, the two quality bulkheads are curved to maximize strength and for easy water drainage, while extensive deck rigging offers storage for safety gear (i.e. paddle float & pump), and reflective perimeter lines give paddlers something to hold onto prior to a re-entry.

The 12s performs incredibility well during re-entries and assisted rescues due to the safety features mentioned above. That’s why we make a rare exception and allow it in our Paddle Canada Certified full day and multi-day sea kayak courses. It’s no wonder we are calling the Delta 12s kayak the Ultimate Sea Kayak Trainer!

"A slightly smaller, lighter & less expensive version of Delta Kayaks immensely popular 12.10 has small & medium sized paddlers celebrating."

Standard Features

Hatches: The Delta 12s kayak has 3 innovative Press-Lock Thermoform Hatch Covers that easily press down to create an extremely watertight seal.The two large bow & stern hatches offer a HUGE amount of dry storage – often as much as some fifteen foot sea kayaks – while the new centre day pod provides convenient storage of small goods (GPS, Camera, Snacks) that are needed while on the water. 3 thermoform curved bulkheads to maximize storage, strength, and adds positive buoyancy.

Bow: 16.5″ / 42cm L x 11” / 28cm W
Stern: 20.5” / 44cm x 14.25” / 26cm
Day: 8” / 20cm L x 8" / 20cm W.

Outfitting: Cockpit includes Delta’s new Contour Seat System that adjusts forward & aft 4- inches to optimize performance and paddler fit’ with the padded thighbraces. The seat pan is padded and is self draining, while a padded backrest adjusts up and down instantly.

Other Features Include:

  • Comprehensive bungee deck rigging
  • Reflective perimeter safety lines
  • Tamper-Proof locking / towing point
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Proudly 100% Canadian made (Maple Ridge B.C.) using computer-assisted designs and a superior patented acrylic Solar*Kote Thermoform capstock which is virtually indestructible and UV protected
Additional Notes
  • A rudder or skeg are 'NOT' an option for the 12s as it tracks like an arrow without them
  • Frontenac Outfitters proudly contributed significantly to the creation of the Delta 12s Kayak
  • Delta Kayaks are the industry’s leaders in thermoform manufacturing
  • The Delta 12s kayak come with a 3- Year Limited Warranty against defective materials or workmanship to the original owner