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H2O - Pack 13'2" - Pro-Lite Carbon


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H2O Pack 13/2 Pro-Lite Carbon

The Pack 13-2 canoe is H2O Canoe Companies largest entry in an authentic Adirondack Pack Canoe. Solo seated kayak style in a supportive, padded Carbon Fiber pan with kayak style foot braces, the Pack 13-2 is fast, responsive and exciting. Pack 13-2 has room for extra gear or possibly a moderately sized four-legged companion. The 13-2 has very few restrictive considerations. Even as the largest model it can be carried and loaded by paddlers of any stature. Detachable yoke optional.


Length 13'2"


Max Width 26.5"


Max Gunwale Width 25"


Height - Bow / Centre / Stern 13" / 10.75" / 11.5"


Waterline Width 24"


Bow Rocker 1.5"


Stern Rocker .5"


Optimum Load 120 - 280lb


Max Load 375lb

Note: Image above is not a true representation of the actual product listed