Wind Solo 16/7 - Kevlar

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The shallow vee-shaped hull and narrow beam provide sharp entry lines for the kayak while limiting resistance on the water. A minimal amount of rocker at the ends accentuates the water line to improve tracking and lower the sheer line to be less hindered
Weight 0
Length 16' 7"
Width 21.25 inches
Cockpit Length 31.5" L x 16.5" W
Cockpit Depth Front 0
Cockpit Depth Stern 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 120 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 180 lbs
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Shallow vee
Rocker Minimal
Chine Soft
Rudder/Skeg Skeg
Bow Hatch Volume 21.1 U.S. Gallons
Stern Hatch Volume 27.7 U.S. Gallons
Day Hatch Volume
Total Hatch Volume 51.5 U.S. Gallons

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Tahe Marine Wind Solo 16/7 Kayak Review

The Wind Solo 16/7 kayak from Tahe Marine is a high performance sea kayak that has been designed to enhance acceleration and maximize speed. Considered the little brother to the Wind 535, the Wind Solo caters to smaller paddlers who desire a quick boat that fits them properly.

The shallow vee-shaped hull and narrow beam provide sharp entry lines for the kayak while limiting resistance on the water. A minimal amount of rocker at the ends accentuates the water line to improve tracking and lower the sheer line to be less hindered by wind and weather cocking.

The narrow beam and well-positioned thigh braces on the Wind Solo provides paddlers with a proper fit within the boat giving you complete control on the water. Given its low volume in the fore-deck, the Wind solo kayak suitable for small-to medium-sized paddlers in the 120 lb – 180 lb range.

Tahe Marine's Wind Solo 16/7 includes two spacious oval hatches bow and stern for ample gear storage, while the mini day pod is excellent for smaller items like snacks, GPS systems, or small electronics. Given the gear capacity along with the kayak's efficiency, the Wind is perfect for shorter expeditions, races, or fitness-oriented day trips.

The Wind Solo features a drop-down skeg for course correction in high winds or conditions with heavy boat traffic and/or currents to keep the boat on track and maximize efficiency.

Standard Features

  • Two oval VCP style hatches bow & stern including centre day pod
  • Bow & stern grab handles with retractable bungee
  • Simplistic bungee deck rigging
  • Perimeter lines forward and aft
  • Skeg / Rudder Combo
  • Quick-Release, Self-Rescue Straps
  • Tamper-Proof Locking Point aft of the cockpit

To view the Wind Solo 16/7 from Tahe Marine on their web site ‘Click Here’