Wilderness Systems Pungo 105

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Wilderness Systems takes stability, comfort, and surprising performance and puts it into a superb little boat! Adjustable seating, an easy to enter and exit cockpit, and convenient outfitting make the Pungo 105 a popular choice for recreational paddlers!
Weight 0
Length 10'6" / 3.2m
Width 30" / 76cm
Cockpit Length 51" / 142cm L x 22" / 26cm W
Cockpit Depth Front 0
Cockpit Depth Stern 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 100 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 185 lbs
Kayak Shape Swede Form
Hull Design Shallow Vee
Rocker Minimal
Chine Multi
Rudder/Skeg N/A
Bow Hatch Volume
Stern Hatch Volume
Day Hatch Volume
Total Hatch Volume

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Wilderness Systems Kayaks Pungo 105 Kayak Review

The Pungo 105 takes the renowned design elements of this popular recreational kayak and re-imagines it with a modern flair. It provides a dynamic on-water experience for such a short boat with superior stability, premium comfort, and convenient outfitting.

Best-in-class when compared to other kayaks in its category, the Pungo 105 is efficient and easy to paddle - it's easy to load too at only 47 lbs! 

The patented Phase 3 AirPro seating system is at the centre of what makes the Pungo one of the world’s most comfortable kayaks; adjustable for a customized-fit allowing you to be fully immersed in your on-water experience.

The Pungo also includes a kayak dashboard interface for further customization to your gear kit. The Kayak Konsole includes the removable DryTec dry box for small item storage, two cup holders for your, a recess for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery, SlideTrax gear tracks for mounting phones and other accessories, as well as two additional mounting platforms.

A replaceable skid plate at the stern, comfortable rigid carry handles, and configurable deck bungee rigging rounds out the kayak's rich outfitting. 

As the smallest version in the series that also includes the 120 and 125 models, the Pungo 105 has an optimal paddler weight of 100 lbs - 185 lbs. 


Standard Features

  • Rigid Carry Handles 
  • Configurable Deck Bungee Bow and Stern
  • Dashboard (Kayak Konsole)
  • Replaceable Thigh Padding
  • Phase 3 AirPro High-Back Seating System
  • Oval Orbix Stern Hatch
  • Rigid, Replaceable Stern Skid Plate

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