Wilderness - HELIX MD™ Adjustable Throttle Mount

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The best way to mount your Helix throttle body to your kayak.


Wilderness Systems HELIX MD™ Adjustable Throttle Mount


The Helix MD Adjustable Throttle Mount Kit makes mounting the Helix MD Drive throttle to your Wilderness Systems kayak a cinch. Quickly attach the throttle to the pivoting head, insert the unit into the SlideTrax system, and you're ready to power up and motor on. Compatible with Flex Pod OS models.



  • Allows you to mount the Helix MD Motor Drive throttle to your Wilderness Systems kayak near your seat
  • Throttle attaches to pivoting head; mounts directly to the bottom of the MD throttle assembly
  • Base inserts into your kayak’s SlideTrax system
  • Kit includes all necessary hardware
  • RAM Ball mounts provide unlimited adjustment configurations



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