Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel

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The Worlds First Antibacterial and Hydrophobic Urine Director. A fantastic option for the winter camper.
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Frontenac Outfitters

Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel


Urinate freely in cold or cramped environments without having to shed layers.

  • Flexible medical grade plastic. Can be rolled or folded for discreet storage.
  • 15cm (5.9055in.) when completely unfurled.
  • Anti-bacterial coating.
  • Comfortable lily shape doesn't spill, drip, or splash.
  • Hydrophobic, dries with a quick flick.
  • Flexible 10cm (4in.) connecting tube available separately.

Ideal uses: Travel, Watersports, Snow, and Ice Climbing, Camping, and hiking.

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