Boreal Design Storm 15 Ultralight (rudder)

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The Storm 15 Ultralight is designed specifically for small paddlers with its narrow beam, low deck height, and light carry weight. Confidence inspiring hull design, adjustable seat, and thermoformed ABS construction make it perfect for beginner- to interm
Weight 0
Length 15' / 4.6m
Width 20.75" / 53cm
Cockpit Length 30.5” / 77.5cm L x 15.6″ / 39.5cm W
Cockpit Depth Front 0
Cockpit Depth Stern 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 90 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 175 lbs
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Shallow Vee
Rocker Moderate
Chine Multi
Rudder/Skeg Rudder
Bow Hatch Volume
Stern Hatch Volume
Day Hatch Volume
Total Hatch Volume

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Boreal Design Storm 15 Kayak Review

The Storm 15 from Boreal Design is designed specifically for small paddlers with its lower deck height and narrow beam. This provides petite users access to an true performance touring kayak without sacrificing fit, stability, or performance.

"Constructed from lightweight ABS, the Storm 15's ultralight version only weights 41 lbs!


With the width of 20.75", small-sized paddlers are guaranteed a perfect fit for superior hip control and secure bracing. The low deck enables shorter paddlers to maintain a less aggressive, low angle paddle stroke - no more knocking your knuckles on the side of the boat or having to reach over each side to paddle.

The Storm 15 lacks proper thigh-braces along the cockpit, but the underside of the deck is padded to offer comfort while bracing. The shape of the deck in relation to your bowed-legged position does 'cup' your knees to help provide a secure grip for edging, bracing, or rolling.

To make up for the lack of thigh-braces, the Storm 15 includes Boreal Design's Flex Seating System which allows you to slide the seat forward or aft approximately four inches. Those of us with shorter legs can now get solid bracing without having to stretch our toes just to reach the foot pedals.

The seat is easily adjusted on the water and includes a backrest that is raised and lowered incrementally to find your sweet spot!


Despite its shorter length, the narrow design of the Storm 15 make it deceptively quick to keep up with longer sea kayaks. The boat tracks well with a combination of a shallow vee hull and moderate rocker, while deploying the rudder reduces weather-cocking.

With sharp lines and multi-chined sides, the Storm features a forgiving hull that edges confidently - novice paddlers gain confidence, and intermediate paddlers "set it and forget it." 


The Storm 15 kayak boasts high initial and secondary stability. with the aforementioned multi-chined hull. As such, it is a little slower when compared to a kayak with a softer chine or hard-chine as the more flatness in contact with the water equates to more 'drag' or 'friction' while paddling.


The lower deck height of the Storm 15, at both the front and back, result in an easy wet exit and re-entry after an upset. Both tandem and solo recoveries are done with ease, while the watertight, curved bulkheads minimize the amount of water coming in and maximize the simplicity of getting it out.

As a low-volume kayak, the Storm lends itself to an uncomplicated laid-back roll. However, we did find that without proper thigh-braces, your knees have a tendency to slip a little during your 'hip-flick' when you near the top of the roll. 

Note: For a more effortless solo re-entry we recommend having our expert staff install Quick Release Self Rescue Straps ($69.95 upgrade that includes installation).


The Storm 15 gives you surprising storage capacity for a boat of its length, but it is recommended to pack lightly for extended adventures. The curved bulkheads maximize hatch space bow and stern, while its conveniently located day-pod (found right in front of the cockpit) offers easy access to equipment such as a GPS or digital camera.


  • Flex Seating System 
  • Retractable Handles Carry Bow and Stern
  • Rudder System or Drop-Down Skeg
  • VCP-Style Hatch Lids Bow and Stern
  • Rigid Screw-On Lid for Day Pod
  • Bungee Rigging Bow and Stern
  • Reflective Perimeter Line
  • Pre-Installed Generic Self-Rescue Straps (we recommend upgrading to Seals Spray Skirts' Quick-Release Straps for a much more secure system) 

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