Scott - Echo 16' - Fiberglass

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Whether it’s a weekend portaging trip or an early morning paddle around the lake, you’ll be impressed by the responsiveness of the Echo 16.
Weight 62lbs
Length 16'
Width 36"
Depth 13.5"
Bow Height 21"
Stern Height 21"
Rocker Bow 1.25"
Rocker Stern 1.25"
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 250lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 600lbs
Max Capacity 750lbs
Canoe Shape Symmetrical
Hull Bottom
Hull Sides
Bow Shape

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Scott Canoe Echo 16' - Fiberglass

It’s mid afternoon and you’ve been drifting, binoculars in hand, your heart and mind filled with the sounds and sights of the open water. Turning for home, you paddle with ease, shooting ahead with each stroke, your cottage now in sight. This durable, nimble canoe is exceptionally fast for its size. The extra sharp entry lines and near vertical bow and stern make for outstanding tracking. The Echo design cruises with ease reminiscent of a much larger canoe. Perfect for day tours or short overnighters.




  • Standard yoke;
  • Ash suspended seat;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • Handcrafted in Canada.


  • Types of activities: Cottage life and yachting (1–3 seater)
  • Key characteristics: Perfect for the cottage and to introduce you to the pleasures of canoeing, provides good stability and a most pleasant experience for your outings of a few hours. 


Length 16'
Width 36"
Waterline witdh 34.5"
Center depth 13.5"
Bow height 21"
Stern height 21"
Maximum capacity (lbs) 750
Rocker 1,25"

Fibreglass (lbs)


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