SIC Paddle Boards - Saber 11.6

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The Saber 11'6" from SIC is designed as a stable recreational cruiser. Its planing hull gives you the confidence you need in choppy waters and is perfect for cruising harbors, lakes, and nearly anywhere you want to go.
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Weight 26.5 lbs
Length 11'6"
Depth 0
Widest Width 30"
Hull Type Planing
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 140 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 215 lbs



The Saber 11.6 from SIC is labeled as a surf/cruiser with its ability to paddle like a touring board, cruising effortlessly and gaining speed through the water. The shallow rails and tail allow the board to carve smoothly through turns - you'll smile ear-to-ear when playing in the waves. 

This Saber's design caters to stability and recreational paddling. Its flat bottom gives you the confidence you need in choppy waters and is perfect for cruising harbors, lakes or nearly anywhere you want to go. 

The Saber is built in SIC’s Glass Composite + Innegra™ (GC+) construction which offers both performance and durability. Based on the GC+ layup, the Saber 11.6" is tough and feels great on the water while maintaining lively performance in the waves.

This construction features an oak full wood sandwich with glass wrap on top and bottom. The rails, tip, and tail are further reinforced with fiberglass, twill glass, and Innegra™ for maximum durability, and damp flex. The deck also has a carbon reinforced standing platform to mitigate heat dents without adding meaningful weight.

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