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Zegul - Arrow Play HV 3D C Core

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Zegul Arrow Play HV 3D C Core

Jesper Kromann-Andersen, renowned Danish designer, merges the classic Brit-style shape with the snug-fitting, ultra-stylish Danish flare found in the Arrow series of kayaks.

Zegul Kayak classifies the Arrow Play HV Kayak as a ‘play’ boat with its moderate-to-aggressive rocker and shallow-arched hull. It's arguably more maneuverable than the Play MV 17' given the shorter length of 16'9".

Of course, being a high-volume kayak for those weighing 175lbs—240lbs, the rocker profile ends up being reduced when loaded. In this case, the benefit is an accentuated waterline that improves the boat's tripping capabilities.

All in all, the Play HV is premium sea kayak catering to intermediate and advanced paddlers who are comfortable playing in rough water but appreciate the efficiency of a tripping boataspiring beginners and those who like to challenge their skills are encouraged to go for a test paddle!

Paddler Fit

Simplicity rules in Zegul's line of performance touring kayaks, so you won't find the ultra-cushy seat found in many North American boats. Instead, expect a well-thought and robust seat system that has everything correctly placed.

The Arrow Play HV's keyhole cockpit is 32.5" x 16.25", so larger paddlers may need to balance on the rear deck before sliding into the seat straight-legged. But once you're seated inside the kayak, there's plenty of room and enough depth in the fore-deck to bend knees.

A contour back band provides great support and allows a full range of motion. The back rest is manually adjusted using a nut-and-bolt system that offers virtually unlimited customization—it takes time to find your perfect fit, and the back rest can't be adjusted on the water, but once you've positioned it correctly, the comfort is appreciate.

Well-positioned thigh braces combined with the easily adjustable foot braces provide the solid contact points required for skills progression.

Kayak Efficiency & Maneuverability

Versatile best describes the Zegul Arrow Play HV. Designed specifically as a performance sea kayak, the MV is ideal for short outings, overnight getaways, and extended adventures.

The hull has significant rocker and volume in the bow to avoid diving when riding down large waves, while the mid-ship has a slightly rounded profile enabling it to transition smoothly from edge to edge for maneuvering and playing in rough water conditions.

When compared to its siblings, the HV is a little more sluggish than the Play LV, but it's a more playful boat than the Play MV.

Kayak Stability

A slightly round hull purposely forsakes a degree of initial stability of the Play HV to optimize maneuverability.

Hard chine sides provide predictable secondary stability for solid edging and confident turns.

Kayak Roll and Rescue

A keyhole cockpit size may restrict some long-legged paddlers. Accordingly, we suggest installing quick release straps to make a self-rescue easier and more efficient.

The flat rear deck of the Arrow Play HV makes a great platform for self and assisted rescues, while great contact points and the low rear deck make lay back rolls a breeze!

Kayak Touring

A cruising speed is easily achieved and the hull responds effortlessly to course correction strokes and edged turns. Not to mention, the rockered bow makes playing in a following sea just plain fun.

For those touring and traveling long distances in open water, proper technique is paramount. The shorter length lowers the efficiency, so it's important to maximize your paddle stroke and conserve energy.

Recessed deck and perimeter lines are well positioned, and the four lightweight Kayak Sport hatch lids click on and off easily with the mini foredeck hatch handy for your GPS, camera, and any personal items.

“Originally designed and manufactured in Denmark Frontenac Outfitters is extremely proud to offer north america’s largest Zegul arrow Kayaks. Premium quality performance kayaks that just happen to look as great as they paddle!”

Standard Features

Hatches: Zegul Arrow Play MV 17 has a whopping 4 VCP-style Kayak Sport rubber hatch covers that are easy to use and watertight with 3 composite bulkheads with fibreglass seams.

Bow: round 10” / 24 cm
Stern: oval 17” x 10.25” / 44 x 26 cm
Day: round 8” / 15 cm
Mini-bow pod: 6” / 15 cm

Other Features Include:

  • Retractable skeg system
  • Recessed compass mount
  • Adjustable thigh braces
  • Fixed seat pan