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Zegul - Arrow Empower HV A Core


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Zegul Kayaks are hand-made, custom order sea kayaks. Because of this, it's challenging to display all the colour configurations and keep them all in stock. Give us a call or visit us today if you're interested in a Zegul Kayak!

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All custom orders must be placed before September 1st in order for them to be delivered in the spring.

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Come out for a test paddle between May and October.

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Zegul Empower 18'3"

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab one of these exquisitely designed European kayaks from Canada’s Tahe and Zegul Kayak experts!

The Zegul Arrow Empower kayak is a performance touring kayaks and the longest boat in the series that includes the smaller Arrow Nuka GT 16/7 and larger volume Bara 17/2. Similarly, the Arrow Empower is designed with the classic Brit-style shape and the snug-fitting, ultra-stylish Danish flare found in the Arrow brand of kayaks from Zegul.

The Arrow Empower kayak is full-bodied and designed to best satisfy expedition paddlers in the 155 to 210 lbs paddling weight range. Intermediate and advanced paddlers will thrive in this boat, while it will inspire dedicated newcomers to develop technique and grow skills.


The Arrow Empower kayak best fits medium- to large-sized paddlers who appreciate the controlled fit that’s achieved with a 21″ beam and 32.5″ x 15.75″ cockpit. The deck height is shallow enough to not interfere with a low angle paddle stroke, yet retains enough height to shed water in waves without sacrificing a solid bowlegged brace or gear capacity.

In terms of a seating system, most European designs follow the concept of simplicity rules. This means you won’t get an innovative, multi-adjustable and thick-padded seat that’s found in many North American boats. However, you will find an ergonomic and robust seat system that thankfully has everything correctly placed.

A contour back band provides full range of motion and includes several nut & bolt adjustment points allowing you to hone in on perfect support. Intuitive slidelock foot braces combined with multi-adjustable thigh braces offer the perfect contact points required for rapid skills progression.


At 18’3″, the Arrow Empower kayak has exceptional glide and touring speed and is optimized for efficiency with sharp entry points and a long waterline. That said, it’s also surprisingly agile when put on edge due to the ‘defined’ soft chines and moderately rockered bow.

Similar to most kayaks of its length, the Arrow Empower kayak is prone to slight weather-cocking in adverse conditions, but deploying the skeg quickly helps to maintain course. Less resistance is created with the shallow arched hull to increase responsiveness and improve handling.


As a performance kayak with a slightly round hull and moderate rocker, the Arrow Empower purposely forsakes a degree of initial stability in order to optimize maneuverability. However being 18’3″, stability is gained through length of the kayak to instill confidence in aspiring paddlers.

Defined sides along the mid-ship of the Arrow Empower kayak offer solid secondary stability, while the softness of the hull provides seamless transitions from edge to edge for nimble, playful turns.


Wet entries and exits are done easily with the flat rear deck of the Arrow Empower kayak. The deck rigging and day hatch are well placed to provide the perfect platform for self-rescues – we suggest adding quick-release, self-rescue straps to speed up reentry.

The controlled fit of the Arrow Empower kayak offers great contact points needed for efficient rolls with proper technique, and the low rear deck makes for instinctive lay-back rolls.


The Arrow Empower kayak accelerates quickly and has an easily maintained cruising pace due to its long waterline and streamlined design. The moderately rockered bow improve handling in big water making expeditions with long crossings a breeze.

Three hatch compartments and a centre day pod provide a generous amount of gear capacity for extended trips or just a weekend getaway. The lightweight hatch covers click on and off easily in cold water and are built in conjunction with the rims for a watertight seal.

Full perimeter lining along with ample deck rigging offer additional gear capacity using mounted deck bags and other storage accessories. A recessed compass mount is also provided at the bow – the Nexus 70P from Brunton is recommend.


Hatches: The hatches in Arrow Empower kayak are separated with composite bulkheads and feature Kayak Sport VCP covers:

Bow – Oval 17" x 10.25" / 44 cm x 26 cm
Pod – round 6: / 15 cm
Day – round 8” / 20 cm
Stern – oval 17" x 10.25" / 44 cm x 26 cm

Outfitting: The cockpit includes a molded, fiberglass seat pan with thin padding and contour back band. Multi-adjustable padded thigh braces and slidelock foot pegs are also provided.

Other Features Include:

  • Aramide (Kevlar) seam
  • Retractable skeg system
  • Recessed decking fittings, rigging, and perimeter lines
  • Bow roller ball for on-deck paddle storage
  • Exquisite finish with unique colour schemes
  • Reflective decals

Note: Image is not accurate. (this kayak is black/white/black)