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YakGear - QuickStop Anchor System



YakGear - QuickStop Anchor System



Introducing the YakGadget QuickStop Anchor System! This system features a gravity-based anchor pole system and includes what you need to install your QuickStop System in less than five minutes. Once the QuickStop is installed, you can quickly install any ¾” diameter pole (such as the PowerPole Micro Anchor Spike), and removal is a snap as well. Made with ¾ and 1” StarBoard HDPE, the QuickStop is super-strong and resistant to warping, scratches and fading and features the JK logo routed on the surface. Compatible with any kayak with the four hole mounting pattern on the stern as well as the Blue Sky Boatworks family of boats. Note: we strongly discourage use of any anchor system in swift water or otherwise hazardous paddling conditions. Need to download installation instructions? You can get them by clicking HERE.

Note: This version does NOT include the pole.