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YakAttack - VISICarbon Pro Mast Repair Kit


YakAttack VISICarbon Pro Mast Repair Kit

VISICarbon Pro™ mast repair kit includes both carbon tubes and replacement shock cord.
  • Carbon tubes
  • Replacement shock cord



Replacement instructions:

1) Cut old bungee and remove from base unit and light.

2) Remove broken piece of tube from base unit if it's stuck. You can screw a screw into it to grab it then pull it out.

3) Thread the end of the new bungee that doesn't have a knot into the hole in the side of the base unit where the old bungee was pulled out of. Rotate it as you push it through and it will come out of the hole the carbon tube goes into.

4) Thread the bungee through the new tube and the upper tube.

5) Thread bungee into bottom of light, and use a small screwdriver or key to push it out of the small window so you can grab the end of it.

6) With the components in the deployed state, pull the bungee to the desired tension and tie a knot.

7) Cut off excess bungee.

8) Done!
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by their Built for Life Guarantee