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Wilderness Systems - Pungo 120


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Length (Standard)

12.1 ft


29 in


49 lb


13 in

Cockpit Opening

57 in

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)

120 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (High)

220 lb

Max Capacity

325 lb

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak 

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is the the most popular craft of the incredible Pungo Recreational Kayak Series that also includes the new Pungo 105 and Pungo 125. Matter of fact, Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is the BEST SELLING Recreational Kayak ever created.

Here's a quick look at the improvements:

  • Redesigned Kayak Konsole complete with removeable drybox, mini slidetrax, and recessed area to accomodate Wilderness Systems' Lithium Battery
  • Versatile bow deck rigging for individual customization
  • Rigid carry handles bow & stern

The secret to the Pungo 120’s overwhelming success is attributed to its fantastic design. It provides recreational kayakers with an an impressive combination of stability, tracking with reasonable efficiency. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120's innovative multi-chined hull provides an extremely stable platform, which inspires confidence in beginners and novice paddlers alike. Capsizing by accident is virtually impossible as its flared sides create very secure initial and secondary stability points. Its full-length keel and its multi-chined sides combine with sharp ends to further enhance efficiency and tracking (the ability to paddle straight). Lastly its full bow helps drive the bow over waves rather than plowing into them.

The super features continue on the inside beginning with a ‘large easy entry cockpit’. Matter of fact its the biggest cockpit with which you can can still use a spray skirt to stay dry. A precision SlideLock™ XL footbrace system, an innovative Orbix™ turn –and-lock” hinged stern hatch and rear bulkhead create watertight dry storage and added buoyancy. Further storage is provided with Wildy's handy and removable Kayak Konsole™.

Wilderness Systems amazing Phase 3 AirPro seating system is widely considered to be the kayak industries finest. Its multi-adjustable ergonomic elements includes a backrest that adjusts up or down, a seat pan that can be raised or lowered to eliminate leg stress. The entire seat system incorporates a wicking material that naturally drains moisture away from the paddler. Padded knee braces complete the system.

Now do you see why Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 kayak is the World's Best Selling Recreational Kayak?

"Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is a must try before you buy ‘ANY’ recreational kayak. It’s exceptionally well designed & outfitted and offers an outstanding value… not normally found in most Recreational Kayaks in its category.”

Standard Features

Material: Economical, Robust Gen2 Polyethylene.

Hatches: Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak has a large oval Orbix Stern Hatch (16.25″L x 10.75″W / 41 cm x 27 cm) and rear bulkhead for watertight storage and positive buoyancy

Outfitting: Phase 3 AirPro Seat System (considered the industries finest by many) includes: an adjustable backband, adjustable thighbraces and a moisture wicking seat pan that adjusts up or down.

Other Features Include:

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