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Wilderness Systems - Apex Glass Kayak Paddle

$369.95 $499.99

Wilderness Systems Apex Glass Kayak Paddle

The all-new Apex Glass touring paddle is unlike any other, delivering maximum control and power for paddlers seeking peak performance and achievement. This paddle features a fiberglass foam core blade with a durable carbon-reinforced edge and a 50% carbon / 50% fiberglass shaft. Well-suited to a variety of water types, the smooth hydrodynamic surfaces of the Apex’s lightweight foam core blades deliver crisp, clean and flutter-free strokes. Paddlers can customize both the length of the shaft and the degree of feathering with the simple flip of the lower-profile lever. Adjustability also enables family members of different sizes to use the paddle comfortably.

Available in two adjustable sizes:

  • 205-225cm
  • 220-240cm


  • Designed to deliver maximum boat control for recreational and touring paddlers
  • Features a lightweight yet powerful mid-size foam core blade that works well in any type of water conditions
  • Delivers crisp, clean and flutter-free strokes without compromising power and efficiency
  • Two-piece construction breaks down for easy transportation and storage
  • Paddle Weight: 32 oz
  • Works well with rec/touring kayaks from Wilderness Systems and other brands


  • Fiberglass foam core blade with a carbon reinforced edge
  • Blade Size: 610 cm2


  • Rock-solid Leverlock® adjustable ferrule system allows for infinity feathering options and enables up to 20cm of length adjustment (US patent 8491349)
  • Shaft: 50% carbon/50% fiberglass shaft