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Level Six - Twelve Six Touring SUP

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Level Six Twelve Six Touring SUP

Huge savings on past season IN STOCK SUP - Please note this is a final sale item and cannot be shipped. In store pick up only!

The Twelve Six Touring SUP from Level Six returns to our line of touring/displacement paddleboards! As the mid-sized board of the series that also includes the shorter Eleven Six Touring and longer Fourteen Touring, the Twelve Six Touring SUP suits medium- to large sized paddlers who desire a board to faster and farther with.

Great for touring or simple outings for fun & fitness, the Twelve Six Touring SUP tracks effortlessly due to the displacement-style hull and efficient design. At 12'6" in length including the 31" width, beginner paddlers will appreciate the board's stability, while the double concave hull maximizes performance and speed for intermediate- to advanced-skilled riders.

The Twelve Six Touring SUP provides the ideal balance between user-friendliness and performance to inspire confidence in paddlers of all ages and skill level!

Constructed using multiple layers of epoxy and fiberglass wrapped around a lightweight EPS foam core, the Twelve Six Touring SUP provides great durability with a vibrant, clear-coat finish. The end result is an extremely tough board that looks as good it paddles!

Standard Features

  • Modified Racing Fin – increases lateral stability, enhances tracking, and includes mounting, screw and key
  • Foam Deck Pad – covers 3/4 of the board and is sectioned for easy replacement
  • Contoured Vent Handle – provides easy transport and ventilation of built-up air pressure
  • Five Lashing Plugs – useful in tethering gear for tripping & a board leash for safety

To view the Twelve Six Touring SUP on Level Six’s website, Click Here!