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RBW - Tump Line


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Recreational Barrel Works Tump Line

Portage your canoe barrel or canoe pack with the added efficiency of a Tump Line. A Tump transfers weight from the load directly to your forehead and down your spine relieving shoulder-strap stress off your shoulders. The voyageurs used to only use a tump to carry their loads. Those who love the tump line swear by it.

The tump line is designed so you can add it or remove it from your barrel harness or canoe pack. Unique design allows for the tump line to be adjusted while you are wearing it to get the right length for comfort while carrying your portage load.

Tump-line for Barrel Harness or Canoe Pack


  • Fits EXPEDITION Barrel Harness
  • Fits EXPEDITION Canoe Pack or TRIPPER Canoe Pack
  • Comfy fleece lining on 2 inch webbing for your forehead.
  • Adjustable length. Can be adjusted while you are wearing it.
  • Comes with hardware for rigging onto 1 inch webbing on other harnesses or canoe packs.

Volume: Fits on harnesses or canoe packs
Material: 1 inch and 2 inch Nylon webbing and fleece
Weight: 100 g/ 3.5 oz
Colour: Black

Harness and Barrel sold separately