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Thermarest - Synergy™ Lite Sheets

$59.96 $74.95

Thermarest Synergy™Lite Sheets

Synergy Lite Sheets are designed to wrap your sleeping pad in a lightweight layer of comfort for a great night’s rest. Made ultralight for backpacking and backcountry travel, matching perimeter loops make them ideal for use with Therm-a-Rest backpacking quilts. Along with added comfort, they also protect your sleeping pad from dirt and oils, reducing the need for cleaning and extending the life of your pad. Sewn from premium soft-to-the-touch nylon, Synergy Lite Sheets are machine washable for hassle-free care and available in a range of sizes that fit both rectangular and tapered pads. The coupler size joins two pads together to form one large mattress for backpacking duos.
  • Clean Comfort: Premium nylon material is soft-to-the-touch and machine washable for hassle-free care.
  • Improve Your Sleep System: Ideal for Therm-a-Rest quilt and blanket-based sleep systems, with perimeter loops for easy attachment.
  • Extend the Life of Your Pad: Keeps your pad free of dirt and body oils, prolonging its lifespan.
  • Flexible Sizing & Fit: Fits both rectangular and tapered mattresses; Coupler size mates two pads together.


20 Inch Sheet 25 Inch Sheet 20 Inch Coupler 25 Inch Coupler
SKU 11407 11408 11409 11410
Color Stargazer Stargazer Stargazer Stargazer
Weight (Standard) 2.7 oz 3.3 oz 5.8 oz 7.1 oz
Weight (Metric) 0.08 kg 0.09 kg 0.17 kg 0.20 kg
Width (Standard) 20 in 25 in 40 in 50 in
Length (Standard) 72 in 77 in 72 in 77 in
Height (Standard) 1 in 1 in 1 in 1 in
Fits (Standard) 1 x 20 in 1 x 25 in 2 x 20 in 2 x 25 in
Fits (Metric) 1 x 51 cm 1 x 64 cm 2 x 51 cm 2 x 64 cm
Shell fabric 20d polyester 20d polyester 20d polyester 20d polyester