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Level Six - SUP Leash - Coil 11'


Level Six 11' Coiled SUP Leash

The Coiled SUP Leash from Level Six is designed from quality materials and is built to last through hard use and stands up against the sun’s U.V. rays.

Fully stretched out, the coiled leash is 11′ keeping the board a safe distance from you prior to a self-rescue. When it’s coiled up, it keeps the deck of your board clear of clutter and reduces the chances of tripping over the leash itself. The ‘memory formed’ 7mm material retains its shape keeping the coil tight even after long term use.

The coiled SUP leash attached to your ankle with a three-point Velcro closure system and includes a neoprene padding to prevent chafing against your skin. A stainless steel double swivel connector is used to attached the leash to the ankle wrap which allows freedom of movement when shifting position on the board.