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Silva - Trail Speed 5R Headlamp

$179.97 $229.95

Silva Trail Speed 5R Headlamp

With the Trail Speed 5R you get the ultimate headlamp from Silva, combined with a slim and lightweight 2.0 Ah battery. The R stands for Run and this is the ultimate headlamp for runners who want to optimize every gram. The battery can be attached to the headband with the included headlamp battery holder, and it weighs only 85 grams. The headlamp unit and battery combined weighs only 171 grams.

Trail Speed 5R features the new and improved headlamp battery holder that keeps the battery in place and improves the comfort while carrying the battery on your head. The battery holder is attached to the headband – just slide in the battery. With this headlamp you can rest assured that darkness will not stop you.

Trail Speed 5R comes with a slim and lightweight 2.0 Ah rechargeable battery which is slim and lightweight. The burn time is 10 hours on minimum mode, 6 hours on medium mode and 3 hours on maximum mode. The lightweight battery is placed in the battery holder on the back of your head. There is a built-in low battery warning and reserve mode, which automatically adjusts the light to a setting that ensures you get back home safely with 30 minutes of guaranteed

The Trail Speed 5R comes with 2 accessories:

  • Battery holder to keep the battery in place and for improved comfort when carrying the battery on your headband
  • Cable guide to keep the cord in place on your headband

Trail Speed 5R features Silva Intelligent Light which is a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light. This customization of the light results in less head movement and a clear view of near as well as far obstacles, and you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better.

The ingenious Silva Flow Light feature takes the light optimization even further by providing seamless tuning of the light pattern by simply tilting the headlamp. A tilt downwards makes the beams wider and when tilting the headlamp forward, the light reaches longer.

The super-low mode feature (80 lumen) enables extensive training sessions or races by minimizing the battery consumption when maximum light is not needed. This is perfect for running where you can use the super-low mode when running flat and save battery for the technical trails.

Additional batteries and accessories are available for this headlamp model. By adding more battery options to your headlamp set-up, you can find the right balance between burn time and weight for different activities and conditions.

Weight is essential when you want to push your limits to the next level. The flexibility of the Trail Speed lets you optimize the weight for your specific needs. The ergonomic battery holder is designed to hold the battery steady on the back of your and the wide anti-slip headband and ergonomic back plate ensure a comfortable fit even during long and rough runs.


  • 2.0Ah slim and lightweight battery.
  • 1200 True lumen.
  • Silva Intelligent Light, combining long reach spot light and close flood light.
  • Silva Flow Light, vary the light pattern depending on your activity.
  • Comfortable fit thanks to the wide anti-slip headband.
  • Silva Connection System, enables use of any Silva Li-Ion battery post 2008.
  • Super-low mode (80 lm), maximizes burn time.
  • Battery level indicator and low battery warning.
  • Reserve mode that ensures at least 30 minutes of use.
  • Large on/off button, easy to operate while wearing gloves.
  • Water resistant, both headlamp and battery meets the IPX5 requirements.