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Silva - Race 4X Belt


Silva Race 4X Belt

Made to fit your body
This belt ergonomically shaped and perfectly balanced to follow your every move without being in the way. The main compartment is placed centered in the back for a comfortable distribution of the weight, while the side pockets are kept relatively small to make way for your moving arms. The belt is made in comfortable and lightweight materials and with the backside covered in a soft and breathable 3D mesh for optimal ventilation. The belt is easy to adjust while moving, even when wearing gloves – just pull the waist straps forward to tighten and just as easily release them for a looser fit.

Pocket science
The outer pockets and inner compartments lets you access/stow away a jacket/gloves, power bars/gels, wax, phone or a headlamp battery with ease.

Optimized packing volume
The 4L main compartment is kept small and stiff to keep the weight low but still leave room for your most necessary gear.

Insulated reservoir compartment (1.5 L)
This belt carries a reservoir that holds 1.5 L of fluid.
To keep the fluid at the right temperature longer, we choose to insulate the reservoir compartment. The compartment has one outlet for the hose on either side, giving you the option to place the hose on the side you prefer.

Hydration reservoir
Race 4X carries a reservoir that holds 1.5 L of fluid. The insulated and detachable hose is flexible and can be used on either your right or left side thanks to the double outputs in the belt. The reservoir can be detached – making it super-easy to wash.

Get noticed
The belt has a discrete and stylish design in black with accented details that makes it a nice-looking accessory during your activity, but it also has reflective details and a visibility light holder that contributes to increased visibility and safer training during dark hours.

Choose Race 4X if need to keep the weight low, but still need to stay hydrated during longer races or high pulse training sessions. If you want to keep the weight even lower, it is easy to detach the hydration reservoir, or you can choose our Race 4 that comes without one.