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Silva - Headlamp Extension Kit


Silva Headlamp Extension Kit

The Headlamp Extension Kit includes an extension cable, a rear cable guide and adhesive tape. By connecting the headlamp battery with the extension cable, you can place the battery safely in your pocket or a backpack. Attach the cable guides and the rear cable guide to the headband and these helps keeping the headlamp cable in place. Fits headlamp with Silva rectangular connector, among them the Exceed, Trail Speed and Cross Trail series.

With our headlamp extension kit with extension cable and cable guides, you will have more options where to keep your headlamp battery when skiing, running or maybe biking, etc. The extension cable enables you to keep the battery in your pocket which can save battery burn time by keeping it warm. Likewise, you can also place the battery in your backpack or on the bicycle handlebar or maybe switching to a long-lasting battery with more capacity.

Fits professional headlamps
The Headlamp Extension Kit also fits headlamps in our professional series with the rectangular connection plug. Among them LR2000 RC, LR1200 RC and LR600 RC.