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Silva - 360 Mesh


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Silva 360 Mesh

Need some extra packing space for a helmet or a jacket or just want to separate your dirty/wet luggage from the rest of your gear? Then attach the 360° Mesh to the outside of your backpack.

This elastic mesh net adapts to your specific needs and is easily attached with smart attachment straps to the lash points of any SILVA 360° backpack.

360° protection
Separate your luggage to avoid damaging or soaking.

360° visibility
The smart attachment straps come in a high-vis color to make you extra visible and safe.

360° flexibility
The elastic Mesh is easily attached to any of the SILVA 360° backpacks to give you that extra space for a helmet or jacket or just to separate your dirty shoes from your clean clothes. You get the flexibility to optimize the weight/packing volume for your specific needs whether you are carrying a helmet, ball, jacket or towel.

SILVA 360° System
The 360° System lets you customize your backpack with add-ons to give you extra packing space or protection. The smart attachment straps and lash points are the core in the 360° System. In seconds you can attach or detach the separately sold add-ons (Pouch/Mesh) to the outside of the backpack to suit your specific needs. The smart straps can also be used separately as compression straps for a jacket, sleeping bag, skateboard, etc.

Main fabric

100% Polyester

Straps and loops

Compression straps

Temp operating range

-20 – +60 degrees

Storage temp

-20 – +60 degrees



Included accessories

4pcs attachement/compression straps