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SIC - Atlantis 14' x 24"


SIC Atlantis 14' x 24" Race/Downwind SUP

The all NEW ATLANTIS is the latest addition to the SIC’s race category boards, built for rough water, moderate to heavy downwind, and swell conditions. This collection is ideal for contests with conditions like the SIC Gorge Paddle Challenge, Carolina Cup, Gorge, M2M, and M2O.

The ATLANTIS is designed with a deep cockpit and high rail line for secondary stability and mitigates water flow into the cockpit. It has a diamond-shaped tail giving the boards excellent rail to rail stability without losing its agility. This board can handle a big ocean swell and surf nicely. The step channel was added to the bottom for directional tracking like its counterpart, the RS. This board features a single venturi drain integrated with the EZ-Grab handle to clear water that flows into the cockpit quickly.


  • Complete dimensions426 cm x 61 cm x 290L
  • Weight27.1 lbs / 12.3 kg
  • Max Riders Weight220 lbs / 100 kg


STEP CHANNEL BOTTOM: Provides directional tracking

DUGOUT COCKPIT: Provides lower center of gravity for better stability

NEW – VENTURI DRAINAGE DUCT: For rapid evacuation of water from cockpit

BUNGEE TIE-DOWNS ON THE NOSE: Allows for gear storage

EZ-GRAB CARRY HANDLE: For easy transport and less fatigue

CROSS-CUT EVA DECK PAD: For traction and grip

LEASH PLUG: To connect a leash for safety

GORE-TEXTM BREATHER VENT: Allows board to breathe and prevent delamination

ACTION CAMERA MOUNT ON THE NOSE: To capture your adventures on the water


  • 1x Atlantis Board
  • 1x 8.3” Weedless 3K Carbon Fin