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Select - X-Blade Kayak Paddle - Bent Shaft

$575.00 $645.00

Select Paddles XBlade Bent Shaft

The XBlade kayak paddle from Select Paddles is an ultralight paddle ideal for expeditions, touring, and fitness. The XBlade is the lighter sibling to the powerful X-TR coming in at only 23 oz. for reduced joint stress and fatigue.

Similar to the X-TR, the XBlade features a full carbon shaft with an anodized aluminum trigger-Lock ferrule system for length adjustment up to 10cm and unlimited feathering options!

The shaft is oval in shape for intuitive grip position to optimize stroke technique and reduce stress on your hands. The XBlade is available with a narrower shaft diameter making it suitable for female paddlers, folks with smaller hands, or those with arthritic wrists or hands.

Available with straight or ergonomic shafts.

The blades are thin and constructed from carbon to reduce weight and feature a dihedral spine to increase stiffness. Available in 550cm, 590cm, 660cm, 720cm (surface area) sizes offering you the choice between finesse and power.