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Scott - Prospector 17 - Fiberglass


Scott Canoe Prospector 17' Fiberglass Canoe


The Scott Canoe Prospector 17 was reintroduced to the paddling community by Abitibi & Co in 2015, and we are proud to welcome it back to our shop! The popular design was retained, while a more robust build was implemented.

The Prospect 17 has a semi-rounded bottom with slight rocker bow and stern. The accentuated waterline creates easy tracking and efficiency, while the additional length improves speed and stability.

Combine the added length with the wide 36″ beam, and you’ve got a more user-friendly and better tracking boat than the smaller Prospector 15; however, the mid-size Prospector 16 would still be considered the more versatile choice due to its balance of efficiency and maneuverability.

Scott's Prospector 17 is the pack horse in the family making it perfect for weekend adventures and extended trips. Great for flat-water lakes but its more efficient design allows it to handle bigger waters and adverse conditions with ease.

The capacity of the Prospector 17 offers plenty of room for camping gear and the family, while the user-friendliness makes it a winner with new paddlers. What’s more, experienced paddlers will love its ability in big water.

"Take the kids, bring the dog, pack up the kitchen sink, the Scott Canoe Prospector 17 provides the room required for growing families and longer adventures!"


Scott's fiberglass construction utilizes a tried-and-tested vacuum bagging process with dense cloth to offer an extremely durable, long-lasting canoe - though it is a tad heavier than the Kevlar option, the fiberglass layup is by far the strongest.

  • Fiberglass - 69 lbs / 31.3 kg


  • Black Vinyl Gunwales
  • Webbed, Ash Seats
  • Ash Deep Dish Portage Yoke
  • Kevlar Skid Plates Bow & Stern
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Solid Gel-Coat Finish
  • Reflective Black Lettering & Reflective Maple Leaf on Each Side of The Bow
  • Proudly made in Canada



Length 17'
Width 36"
Width at waterline 33"
Depth at center 14"
Bow height 21"
Stern height 19"
Maximum capacity (lbs) 970
Rocker 1"

Fibreglass (lbs)