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RBW - Canoe Pack Liner


Waterproof Canoe Pack Liner – Canoe Pack Dry Bag

Put this canoe pack liner inside your pack and waterproof all your gear inside at once.

A durable and light waterproof fabric unlike the heavy PVC bags.

Available in Lightweight or Heavyweight versions


Waterproof Canoe Pack Liner – Canoe Pack Dry Bag

This huge liner fits all canoe packs, even the biggest ones.
Roll the top ~ Tie half a knot ~ Buckle Close.
Taped seams and reinforced stress areas.

Huge! Fits packs 65-140L / 3966 – 8543
Lightweight – 30 Denier waterproof coated honeycomb ripstop nylon
Heavyweight – 70 Denier waterproof coated grid ripstop nylon

Height: 125cm / 49in.
Length: 50cm / 19.75in.
Side Panel Width: 28cm / 11in
Weight – Lightweight: 336 gm / 12 oz
Weight – Heavyweight: 695 gm / 24.5 oz
Colour: Bright Yellow

These waterproof liners are an XL dry bag for the inside of your pack and will handle all day rain or a spill in the rapids. Designed to be much taller than your pack ensures you can get lots of rolls to seal the contents before finishing with a simple half knot and clicking the bucket together to seal the deal.