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NRS - Fortuna 90 Travel Adjustable SUP Paddle 68"-84"(3-PC)


NRS - Fortuna 90 Travel Adjustable SUP Paddle 68"-84"(3-PC)

When you plan your vacations around paddling, don’t settle for renting your paddle. Featuring a two-piece shaft, the Fortuna 90 Adjustable Travel SUP Paddle breaks down for adventure travel. With a smaller blade size, the Fortuna 90 is perfect for more petite paddlers or those wanting to paddle at a higher cadence.

  • Travel adjustable uses a two-piece shaft and breaks down to a max length of 37” for easy transport.
  • Carbon-fiber blended shaft optimizes the flex-to-strength ratio with a lighter swing weight.
  • Fiberglass laminate blade is incredibly stiff and durable.
  • Easy-to-adjust LeverLock® system gives shaft length a 16” range, accommodating multiple paddlers and conditions.
  • 90 square inch blade is sized for smaller paddlers or those looking to paddle at a higher cadence.
  • A 10-degree offset delivers a solid catch, maximizing efficiency through the power phase of each stroke.
  • A slight dihedral on the powerface provides stable, flutter-free forward strokes.
  • A low-profile backface spine enables smooth vertical turning and adjustment strokes.
  • Rounded blade tip helps deflect rocks encountered on the river bottom.