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North Water - Sea Tec Tow Line


North Water Sea Tec Tow Line

A sleek, compact waist mounted tow line. It unrolls to a large wide-mouth bag that is easy to re-stuff in rough water conditions.

  • Built in collaboration with a number of Level 5 BCU instructors.
  • Adjustable and removable shock absorber
  • 35' (10.6m) Floating ¼” H2PrO kernmantle polypropylene rope is easy to see in low viz conditions.
  • Large, wide gated stainless steel eyed carabiner will not accidentally slip off the rope.
  • Large, pliable closed cell foam carabiner floatation.
  • Exterior carabiner park for quick access when needed.
  • Floatation built into the bag keeps it afloat if detached.
  • High visibility reflective strip.
  • Comfortable 1-1/2" (50mm) waist belt and cam release buckle with easy to feel pull bead.

Some Tow Line Comparison Notes between Sea Tec and Dynamic Pro

  • In 35’, both Dynamic Pro and Sea Tec use the H2prO Line
  • Dynamic Pro 50’ version uses a lighter weight, and more dynamic polypropylene and it not available in the Sea Tec.
  • Both are approximately the same physical size around the body / waist, however the Dynamic unfurl to almost flat, proving little in-water friction / drag (drogueing) whereas the Sea Tec will “bucket” and potentially “drogue” the victim in a situation where the towing paddler jettisons the victim.
  • While paddling, the Dynamic is best re-stuffed / repacked while sitting and atop a spray skirt as table.
  • The Sea Tec has a pouch / sack in which to re pack the rope while on water and thus suitable for not only sea kayaking, but also stand up paddle boarding.