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Helle - Morgon Limited Edition Knife


Helle Morgon Limited Edition Knife

The 2021 Limited Edition knife

The first light of dawn shining through the trees in the forest, bringing the first bright rays of sun through the darkness. Welcoming a new day with new adventures. This is what the 2021 limited edition is designed to celebrate.

The Morgon knife fits right into the Helle family of classic designs. A beautiful and well-balanced knife, well fitted for a day of adventure. With a medium size handle made of stacked pieces of dark oak and yellow dyed leather, it will fit most size hands. Fitted on a triple laminated stainless-steel blade. Popping sharp right out of the box. A small, but distinct finger guard to give you notice where the handle ends and the sharp blade begins.

Comes in a genuine high quality leather sheath imprinted with a picture of the forest.

Only produced in a limited volume.

Specifications Morgon
Weight 105 grams
Blade material Triple laminated Helle steel, stainless
Blade thickness 3,1 mm
Blade length 105 mm
Handle material Dark oak, dyed leather
Sheath material Genuine leather
Design by Helle design
Design year 2020