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Malone - MegaSport Kayak Trailer Package 2 Boat w/storage & second tier bunks


 MegaSport™ 2 Boat w/ Storage & Second Tier - Bunks

When not in stock | Available by Special Order Only - Call 613-376-6220 or Email 

Custom trailer packages available contact us for more details! 

The MPG550-TH MegaSport™ trailer package is bundled with two sets of 84" bunks (for two boats), 15' straps, spare tire kit, sliding storage drawer, 2nd tier load bars and a wet gear basket.


  • 84" Padded bunks and mounting hardware for two boats
  • Full sized spare tire with locking attachment for off-road confidence & security
  • Wire basket to hold items not effected by moisture or outside conditions
  • Storage drawer that can be pulled out from under kayaks for easy gear access
  • 2nd tier load bar system to increase capacity for an extra kayak or cargo box


What’s In The Box:

  • (1) MPG535 MegaSport™ Base Trailer
  • (2) MPG561 Large 84'' Bunk Kit with Hardware & Straps
  • (2) MPG307-15, 15' Straps
  • (1) MPG540 Spare Tire with Locking Attachment
  • (1) MPG547 Wire Storage Basket
  • (1) MPG537 Plastic Storage Drawer with Rollers
  • (1) MPG545 2nd Tier Load Bar System
  • (1) Instruction Manuals & Registration Documentation
  • Total Shipment: 12 Cartons