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Jackson Kayak -10" Pitch Pedal/12 V Prop


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Jackson Kayaks Flex Drive E or Flex Drive 10 x 10 12V Propeller Kit (2 Blade)

Ready to kick your Flex Drive experience to the next level? Introducing our new 10 x 10 two-bladed propeller!

This updated version of our FD propellor was developed in conjunction with our new Flex Drive E motor. It was designed to reduce resistance in the water, increase efficiency and take the stress off of the Flex Drive system. The end result is a propellor that cuts smoothly through the water, improves the Flex Drive experience and helps the motor go farther, faster and with the least amount of battery consumption. With this prop, the prop cover can be fully closed when the lower unit of the drive is retracted. Note this 10 x 10 prop is an upgrade for current users of our Flex Drive system. Works well with 12V battery configurations of Flex Drive E and also when Flex Drive is propelled by pedaling.

Flex Drive E motor users: This 10 x 10 prop is for use with the 12V battery configuration of our Flex Drive E. Not recommended for use with a 24V battery.


  • 10" x 10 pitch prop
  • Shear pin
  • Screw
  • Prop blade cap
  • Allen key

Part # 71016