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H2O - Prospector 16'4" - Pro-Lite

$4,295.00 $4,945.00


H2O - Prospector 16'4" - Pro-Lite Innegra/Basalt

The original New Brunswick’s Chestnut Canoe Co. created Prospector 16 in 1910. A century later the Prospector design is still widely considered “the most versatile tripping canoe ever”. Today, the ‘Prospector name’ still sells boats, though few Co.’s versions resemble its namesake. Our objective in creating the Heritage Series Prospector 16-4 is to replicate the original canoe design’s magic with extra capacity. The Prospector’s traditional symmetrical shape combines with a semi-round hull and moderate rocker for stable, but sensitive pivots or leans when carving turns. Sharp entry lines enhance but flare out quickly to increase buoyancy to float over large waves, rather than crash through them. Responsive yet predictable under all loads and conditions, Prospector 16-4 is a Canadian Classic.


Length 16’4″


Max Width 35.5″


Waterline Width 32.5″


Height – Bow / Centre / Stern 21″ / 14″ / 21″


Optimum Load 350-600lbs


Max Load 950lbs