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H2O - Paramount 16'6" - Pro-Lite



H2O Canoe Company Paramount 16'6" Canoe Review

The H2O Canoe Company Paramount 16/6 is the mid-sized addition to H2O's asymmetrical series which also includes the Boundary 17/6 and Horizon 17.

It can be noted as one our favourite boats in the lineup – with its popular length, moderate rocker, and keel-less, shallow arched hull, the Paramount 16/6 is a versatile canoe with a ton of giddy-up!

The hull shape improves maneuverability by combining a shallow-arched design with a moderately rockered bow, whereas the sharp lines and flared ends increase tracking and efficiency.

As such, the Paramount 16/6 is a faster, more responsive alternative to the symmetrical Canadian 16/6, albeit with a little less stability.

As an asymmetrical canoe, H2O's Paramount 16/6 is geared towards intermediate to advanced paddlers who require a quick, nimble craft that is great for camping or touring. That said, despite its performance-oriented design, it's also a great option for an aspiring beginner looking to continually grow skills.


Pro-Lite Layups

H2O’s Epoxy Pro Series are the industry’s leading layups for ultralight tripping and easily considered the lightest, toughest canoes on the planet. To learn more about their build processes and standard features, Click Here!

  • Innegra/Basalt - 39 lbs / 17.2 kg  
  • Kevlar - 36 lbs 
  • Carbon/Kevlar - 36 lbs 
  • Carbon - 35 lbs / 15.9 kg
  • Carbon/Innegra - 35 lbs / 15 kg

Note 1: H2O Canoe Company continues to advance their layup options to offer paddlers greater choice of reduced weights, improved strength, better abrasion resistance, and higher impact durability! 

Integral Composite Gunwale (ICG)

Black anodized aluminum outer gunwale combined with a Carbon/Kevlar composite inner gunwale that is integrated into the mold during construction. The result is an exceptional system, which is 50% stronger, 50% more rigid and 50% lighter than traditional aluminum gunwales!

Wood Gunnel Options

  • Ash: $750.00 / Cherry: $800.00

Hand rubbed oil white ash or black cherry gunnels fastened with stainless steel screws replaces black anodized aluminum gunnels, canoes interior remains the same.