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H2O - Peterborough 16


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H2O Canoes are hand-made, custom order canoes. Because of this, it's very difficult to display all the options and keep them all in stock. Want to see how they paddle first? Come out for a test paddle or rent one for the weekend. Give us a call today if you're interested in custom ordering a canoe!

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H2O Canoe Company Peterborough 16

The Peterborough 16 is the sleekest member of H2O's Heritage Series of symmetrical canoes that includes the Canadian 16/6 and Canadian 15.

H2O's Peterborough has razor sharp entry and exit lines that slice through the water efficiently. Combine its design with the very narrow 31" beam, and you have a very quick canoe that's perfect for small, experienced paddlers. It's skinny frame also makes it perfect paddling with a kayak paddle for those transitioning from one to the other.

Tumblehome sides, the narrow beam, and slight rocker make the Peterborough 16 suitable for both tandem and solo paddling. Solo paddlers are delighted at the ability to heel this canoe over, while tandem paddlers are joyed at its exceptional speed and glide.

"H2O's Peterborough 16 is one of a very few keeled canoes made today with tumblehome sides, which makes it a dream for solo paddling and more precise maneuvers."


Great White North

H2O’s Great White North layups are built for the everyday paddler being both rugged and dependable for tripping or recreational paddling. To learn more about their build processes and standard features, Click Here!

  • Innegra Tuff - 55 lbs / 24.5 kg - $3295.00
  • Expedition Kevlar - 50 lbs / 22.7 kg - $3495.00

Helium Layups

H2O’s Helium layups are aesthetically striking and lightweight making them perfect for tripping, back-country camping, and portaging. To learn more about their build processes and standard features, Click Here!

  • Carbon/Kevlar - 44 lbs / 20 kg

Brute Force Epoxy Layups

H2O’s Brute Force Epoxy lamination is built for the unforgiving paddler who demands a robust and resilient canoe. To learn more about their build processes and standard features, Click Here!

  • Innegra/Basalt - 47 lbs / 20.9 kg - $3695.00
  • Kevlar - 44 lbs / 20 kg - $3895.00
  • Carbon/Kevlar - 43 lbs / 19.1 kg - $3995.00
  • Carbon/Innegra - 43 lbs - $3995.00

Pro-Lite Layups

H2O’s Epoxy Pro Series are the industry’s leading layups for ultralight tripping and easily considered the lightest, toughest canoes on the planet. To learn more about their build processes and standard features, Click Here!

  • Innegra/Basalt - 40 lbs / 17.8 kg - $4195.00
  • Kevlar - 38 lbs - $4395.00
  • Carbon/Kevlar - 38 lbs - $4495.00
  • Carbon - 37 lbs / 16.8 kg - $4595.00
  • Carbon/Innegra - 37 lbs / 15.9 kg - $4495.00

Note: H2O Canoe Company continues to advance their layup options to offer paddlers greater choice of reduced weights, improved strength, better abrasion resistance, and higher impact durability! For a full snapshot at all these exciting and innovative layups, Click Here!

Integral Composite Gunwale (ICG)

Black anodized aluminum outer gunwale combined with a Carbon/Kevlar composite inner gunwale that is integrated into the mold during construction. The result is an exceptional system, which is 50% stronger, 50% more rigid and 50% lighter than traditional aluminum gunwales!

Wood Gunnel Options

  • Ash: $650.00 / Cherry: $700.00

Hand rubbed oil white ash or black cherry gunnels fastened with stainless steel screws replaces black anodized aluminum gunnels, canoes interior remains the same.

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