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Gear Aid - Silicone Lubricant


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Gear Aid - Silicone Lubricant

 GEAR AID’s Silicone Lubricant Spray protects rubber gaskets and neoprene from the detrimental effects of the outdoors. Plus, it reduces the stiff, rubbery qualities of neoprene and latex letting you gear up hassle-free.

  • Ideal for wetsuits, gaskets, O-rings, and more.
  • Food-grade silicone formula for against-the-skin safety.
  • Powerful, high-quality spray designed for easy, even application.
  • Lubricates sensitive rubber parts for easy donning or removing of gear.
  • Protects against rust, salt, oxidation, and corrosion.
  • Conditions neoprene and rubber materials to maintain suppleness and appeal.
  • Prolongs neoprene and rubber gasket life.