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Aquabound - Freedom SUP Paddle


Aqua Bound Freedom SUP Paddle

The Freedom SUP Paddle from Aqua-Bound Paddles utilizes the same reliable hybrid construction used in their kayak paddles to provide a light, stiff, and strong SUP paddle at an exceptional price.

The unique Polynesian design on the blade compliments most board graphics, while its construction with tough epX polymer reinforced with fiberglass offers strength to withstand long-term abuse. The rigid dihedral spine in the blade makes for a smooth, forgiving pull with minimal joint-stress. Available with a 100″ sq. or 85″ sq. blade to provide more power or less fatigue.

The Shaft is constructed from all carbon for unsurpassed stiffness and high tensile strength. The slight 10 degree bend in the shaft combined with low-weight materials makes for a comfortable swing weight that can be retained for longer periods of time than most other recreational SUP paddles.

The push-button ferrule offers adjustable lengths from 64″ – 74″, 70″ – 80″, or 76″ – 86″ depending on the model and paddler height.