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Level Six - Fourteen Touring SUP

$1,600.00 $2,000.00

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Level Six Fourteen Touring SUP

The Level Six Fourteen Touring SUP is the longest board in the series that includes the smaller Eleven Six Touring and the mid-sized Twelve Six Touring.

Arguably the fastest board we stock, the Fourteen Touring is great for touring, fitness paddling, or extend paddling trips. The displacement hull tracks superbly on flat-water and open water, letting you put in more strokes on either side for ultimate speed and efficiency.

Unlike SUP's originally designed for ocean waves, Level Six makes lake-specific boards with great stability and excellent overall performance for beginner to advanced paddlers. This longer version is best suited to heavier paddlers or those who need a gear-intensive touring board and are looking for speed and tracking.


  • Multi-layer epoxy and glass construction ensures durability and keeps it looking beautiful.
  • Clear coat finish uses tri-layer fibreglass, epoxy resin.
  • Lightweight EPS foam core with 5 layer reinforced sidewalls.
  • Deck pad adds comfort to touring days.
  • Bow Deck Bungee to carry your essentials, with stern tie-down points for extra gear carrying capacity
  • Comes with a tool-less manta ray touring fin to increase stability and enhance straight tracking