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Fireside Ember Mat


Fireside Ember Mat

Sear your steaks, not the ground with the Fireside Ember Mat. With plenty of surface area of protection, the Ember Mat is designed to prevent damage from popping embers, dripping grease and radiant heat.

  • Constructed from a thermal weave and dual-coated in high-temperature food-grade silicon.
  • Silicon coating makes cleaning the mat easy and won't cause skin irritation or itchiness when handling (a fire mat rarity).
  • Deploys in seconds for multi-function protection and is compatible with any free-standing fire pit.
  • Reflective edging for low-light visibility.
  • Features eight grommets to stake the mat into the ground.
  • Meets federal fire blanket regulations.

Caution: Maintain 10" of clearance between the bottom of the fire pit and the Ember Mat.